The Association has been formed for the purposes of;
Recording the history of this unique RAF Station, both official and of the
experiences of those who served and lived there.
Presenting the history in such forms as possible at various times, hopefully
culminating in a published account.

Maintaining an archive, partucularly of life in the RAF in Habbaniya & Iraq.
Bringing together all those who served at, lived on or experienced the station for the purpose of fellowship and reminiscence (service pals is an apt description).

Preserving the record of the 289 British and Commonwealth personnel, civilians (including wives and children) who still lie buried in the RAF Cemetery there and endeavouring to make contact with their relatives.
Ensuring (as and when the political situation allows) that the cemetery is
restored and maintained to the standard of the Commonwealth War Graves
Commission (including the memorial to the 107 Royal Air Force Iraq
My name is Dr Christopher Morris and in 1955 I lived at RAF Habbaniya
with my twin brother Bruce and my parents, when my father, Sqn Ldr F N
Morris, was the Officer Commanding the Civil Cantonment. We lived in a
married quarter by the C C gate. In 1994 I started to try and find out more
about Habbaniya and slowly began to gather together a group of personnel
who had been stationed there. In March 1997 it was decided to form an
Membership grew and peaked at 650 though has declined recently as members
go to their 'final postings'. Newsletters were initially published 3 times a year but since 2014 only twice a year. They include full colour centre pages.
Annual reunions have been held at RAF Cosford, RAF Uxbridge, in Oxford,
in Filton, Elvington Air Museum near York, Woodhall Spa, York, Enfield, Stratford upon Avon, Stafford and at Morley Hayes (near Derby). 21 in total!
Many friends have been reunited for the first time since they left Habbaniya and it has been a great pleasure to meet our Assyrian colleagues who worked with us at Habbaniya.
The Association has sponsored trees at the National Memorial Arboretum.
For pictures of the tree and the dedication plaque together with details of the
arboretum please follow this link.