In November 2006 the Association took part for the first time in the Act of
Remembrance and marchpast at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London and
now attends each year. This solemn ceremony takes place in the
presence of Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, politicians and
dignitaries. The Nation pays homage to the dead of the two World Wars
and other conflicts. It is extremely moving and as the veterans march
past the Cenotaph they are saluting all the dead represented by the
Cenotaph - which means 'empty tomb' in Greek. A member of the Royal
Family takes the salute of the veterans as they march proudly back to
Horse Guards Parade.
The Association contingent formed up on Horse Guards
Parade. Hon Sec Christopher Morris to the right of
Capt Jutta Cortes USAF. Jutta was granted exceptional
permission to march as a serving USAF officer and in
uniform, as a tribute to her carrying out the Act of
Remembrance in the Cemetery at Habbaniya in 2005,
the first in 47 years since the RAF were forced to leave
The RAF Habbaniya Association & KORR
wreaths - just some of the many hundreds
laid at the Cenotaph suring the marchpast
of veterans.
The Association contingent forms up on Remembrance Sunday 2007.
Alan Summberbell (in wheelchair) carries the Association wreath.
The contingent as it passes the RAF Bands in 2009. Not a very clear
picture as it is a screenshot captured from BBC TV.
Capt Jutta Cortes USAF speaks to Maj Gen Nigel
Gribbon. He served with the Kings Own Royal
Regiment in the 1941 Siege & Battle of Habbaniya and
carries the Regimental poppy wreath. Captain Douglas
Symington looks on inbetween. As a pilot under
training he too fought in the Siege & Battle.
Capt Jutta Cortes and Christopher Morris were interviewed on BBC Radio 2 for the radio
broadcast of the Festival of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall*. The TV cameras missed
us on the march past the Cenotaph but the commentator did give Habbaniya a mention.
* This interview will appear on the website in due course.
The Association contingent in 2008. Ernie Field (in wheelchair
& a veteran of the 1941 Siege) carries the Association wreath.
Ernie Field carries the wreath in 2010
Peter Roswell organises and leads the contingent in 2010.
Members of the contingent in thoughtful mode during
the prayers at the Cenotaph in 2010. They were
shown live on BBC television (for 7 seconds!)
The Princess Royal took the veterans salute in 2010. The Association contingent
has just obeyed Peter Roswell's command 'Eyes Front' after saluting the Princess
Royal at HorseGuards. We were getting somewhat wet by this stage.
This was the fifth year the Association had particpated in the Act of Remembrance
Ceremony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London - the National ceremony led by
Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family.
2012. The Association contingent 'fell in' on Horse Guards
Parade ready to march through onto Whitehall.
2012. Hon Secretary Christopher
Morris & Hon Treasurer Gerry
Walton setting off for Whitehall
2012. The Association wreath was
handed over by Ernie Field and is
visible among the many hundreds laid
by veterans at the Cenotaph.